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We sell a wide selection of lamps for Sony LCD projection TVs. All our lamps come with the complete lamp housing or module. The lamp assemblies are the manufacture’s original equipment housing. The lamp bulb in the housing is the original equipment lamp bulb. WE DO NOT SELL THE CHEAP GENERIC KNOCK-OFF LAMPS FROM
CHINA! WE DO NOT SELL USED OR SECOND STOCK LAMPS. We only sell the highest quality, longest lasting, new original manufacturer’s lamp. Select your lamp part number from the list below (clip on the name of your brand):

A-1052-675-A                           A-1085-447-A                          

A-1124-850-A                           A-1129-776-A

A-1501-092-A                           A-1501-247-A

A-1501-487-A                           A-1601-753-A

A-1606-034-A                           A-1606-034-B

F-9308-720-0                            F-9308-750-0

F-9308-760-0                            F-9308-860-0

F-9308-870-0                            F-9308-900-0

XL-100                                      XL-1000

XL-2000                                    XL-2100

XL-2200                                    XL-2300

XL-2400                                    XL-2500

XL-5000                                    XL-5100

XL-5200                                    XL-5300

DLP lamps and LCD lamps are our specialty. Arizona's best source for DLP or LCD lamps! We sell all brands of lamps: Mitsubishi, Sony, Samsung, RCA, Toshiba, Hitachi, Panasonic, JVC, LG Zenith, Sharp, Philips, Akai, Vivitek, Viewsonic & more. Our lamps are locally stocked, have a local warranty and the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) lamps. All our lamps come with a 120 day direct exchange warranty and a 1 year prorated replacement warranty. If you do not see your lamp, then give us a call because in most cases we can still help you with your lamp.

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DLP Lamp Phoenix AZ Arizona
LCD Lamp Phoenix AZ Arizona
Sony LCD TV Lamp Phoenix AZ Arizona
Sony LCD Projection TV Lamp Phoenix AZ Arizona
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